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Sparkly Sprinkle Wings Club

"Many of you have asked about joining our team, so we've created a program to reward those who help spread the word about our products. You don't need a large following to participate, and you'll earn points towards purchasing more of our delicious sprinkles. Plus, we'll give you a special Sparkle Wing code to share with your community!"


You will receive.

Sugar Devotion points for your efforts

Earn 10 points per story Still image or video

Earn 50 points per story when you are physically introducing product with branding

Earn 20 points per post

Earn 50 points per reel extra 50 points when our branding is visible

Earn 100 points per collab reels


Sparkle Sprinkle Sugar Wings SSSW code to share with your followers and enjoy for your self.

Tool kit



Must be public account.

Active social media precents

PICNARTsugar must be visibily tagged on stories and posts (@picnartsugarsprinkles)

Extra perks when the logo is available

Must have 2000+ followers

Stories must remain 24hours

Posts must remain at least a month on your gird

Apply Here

Thank you for reaching out to collaborate with us.

To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below.
We will get in touch with you if your application fits our selection criteria and strategy.


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