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Cookies By Tash

Hi guys! I’m Tash!

The baker behind Cookies by Tash. I create custom cookies that not only taste amazing, but look great too. I’m all about attention to detail and to me, sprinkles add the perfect finishing touch to any set or design. I’ll always find what I need at PICNARTsugar  they have a huge range of colours and sizes and the speedy service ensures my last minute requests still meet my deadlines (thanks Irush!) x


Perth Cake Collective

I’m Ash, the baker behind Perth Cake Collective! I pride myself in being able to make any cake sent my way but my most popular products are definitely my floral & Macarons drip cakes, and more recently my retro text cakes. Only in the last year I’ve gone from adding sprinkles to just my cupcakes to now adding them to my cakes for texture. What a difference this has made to the overall look of my designs! Sprinkles are now that finishing touch that complete my cakes, especially since using PICNARTsugar’s products. There are so many pastel and gold options (my fave) and the service is exceptional!


Sweet Tooth Melbourne

Hi Sprinkle Lovers! I’m Sumayyah, owner and sweets queen behind Sweet Tooth Melbourne. I am a lover of all things buttercream, with my business flourishing into the Canberra community over the last few years, before making my way to Melbourne in 2021 to spread some more buttercream goodness.

As you can probably tell, I have a huge obsession with all things sprinkles! They add just the most gorgeous finish to cakes, cupcakes, chocolates and cookies.

When Irush reached out to me last month to be part of her fabulous ambassador team, I couldn’t say no! I was one happy sprinkle 😆 Her entire range is absolutely beautiful, with blends catering for all themes and colour schemes. And now with the recent addition of lustres, I am in colour heaven 😍

You’ll see me using her gorgeous lustres on my rice paper and wafer sails, colouring my meringue kisses and adding depth and dimension to cakes and cupcakes with lustre swatches. And of course the sprinkles are just that final touch to every and any dessert.

I’m so happy to be part of such a fab team! Now let’s get our bake on 🎉💓

Image (4).jpeg

The Sugar Co

Hey guys!

I’m Zoe, baker and content creator behind The Sugar Co. A trademark of my cookie designs is their attention to detail and the passion poured into each.

Judge me if you wish, lol but I’m brave enough to admit I’ve developed an obsession with sprinkles, they just make everything look better! PICNARTsugar sprinkles have the best range in the business and i can’t be more excited to be using their amazing and delightful sprinkles!

Image (3).jpeg

Ceara Bakes

"Hey guys! My name is Ceara Bakes (not my real last name sadly) I love creating elegant cakes and cupcakes with a dash of sprinkles on the top! After school you’ll find me in the kitchen, getting in the zone, perfecting sharp edges and drips and jazzing up the cake with some sprinkles! My go-to sprinkle brand is and always has been PICNARTsugar, I looove their variety of colours and sizes which always go perfect with any of my cakes or cuppies. (Plus they taste delicious :)"


Savour The Date

Oh hey there, I’m Teneille. Owner and creator behind Savour the Date Cake Artistry, in Perth Australia,

Cakes and party desserts are my specialty and my obsessions include (but are not limited to) cakesicles, slab cakes, cupcake piping, sprinkles, glitter and creating fun and even therapeutic, Instagram reels.

There are so many ideas in my mind and most of them involve sprinkles! I love PICNARTsugar's extensive range, from colour choice, size variation through to luxe collections. The sky is really the limit when it comes to sweet designs and adding sprinkles to the mix!

I’m here for fun, I’m here for cake and I’m here for Sprinkles.

Thanks for having me Irush.

Happy Creating everyone!

Teneille xo


Little Kookie Co

Hey guys!
I’m Mimi, baker and cookie decorator behind Little Kookie Co .
I love getting creative with my cookie designs and I am always looking for inspiration to take my fondant cookies to the next level. Lucky for me PICNARTsugar sprinkles are the perfect addition to do just that.  Super excited to be working with PICNARTsugar and their unique and gorgeous range of sprinkles, I’m obsessed!! The perfect accompaniment for my cookies.

image (1).jpg
Brooke cupcakes.jpg

Baked By Brooke GC

Hi everyone!


My name is Brooke from Baked By Brooke GC.

When Irush kindly invited me to become a part of the PICNART ambassador family, I was absolutely thrilled!

I discovered my love for baking and decorating just a few years ago and the PICNARTsugar  'Sprink Up Everyday' Palette was my very first sprinkle purchase.

I loved the blends so much they ignited my sprinkle obsession - which has since grown into a huge collection of sparkly and shimmery goodness!

Sprinkles are not just a decoration, they add magic and luxury to your designs. Attention to detail is my thing and I believe it's the small touches that make the biggest difference.  I never send an order out the door without some sprinkly love, they really are the perfect finishing touch!

PICNARTsugar blends are both beautiful and versatile. I also love the new range of accessories,  including the Sparkle Stick which is a total gamechanger. Precise sprinkle placement has never been so easy!


Thank you for having me Irush!

Happy decorating everyone, sending sprinkle love xxx

Studio Bouqcake pic 2.jpg

Wishing Whisk

Hello sprinkle friends! My name is Antonella and I am the owner and creative mind behind Wishing Whisk desserts here in Melbourne. I love to create unique, whimsical and fun desserts that hopefully spread happiness to all that see them. I have been using PICNARTsugar for a long time now so Its an absolute honour to be part of this amazing team. Happy decorating!


Hello! I’m Donna, self taught Cake Artist and owner of Elegantly Frosted!

My Signature style is clean, colourful & fun, and I believe that there’s absolutely nothing better than a cake with a sassy colour palette. I love to bend the rules and clash brights with pastels. I’m definitely a “more is more” kind of person when it comes to cake decorating, and regardless of the occasion, I love a cheeky little splash of sprinkles!

I am beyond excited to be on board with Picnart Sugar as a Sprinkle Ambassador, and am looking forward to creating some epic celebration cakes with Irush’s fabulous range of sprinkles & sugar shapes!


The Girl Needs Cake

Hello! My name is Lisa and I’m The Girl Needs Cake! I’ve been caking since 2020; a covid caker that has since morphed in to content creation.
I adore Drip cakes, Stencil cakes and coming up with fun and interesting designs. I also love challenging myself with new techniques.
Picnart sprinkles always pair perfectly with my designs and their elegant blends and breadth of range truly make it a one stop shop! Thank you Irush! x



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