Ceara Bakes

"Hey guys! My name is Ceara Bakes (not my real last name sadly) I love creating elegant cakes and cupcakes with a dash of sprinkles on the top! After school you’ll find me in the kitchen, getting in the zone, perfecting sharp edges and drips and jazzing up the cake with some sprinkles! My go-to sprinkle brand is and always has been PICNARTsugar, I looove their variety of colours and sizes which always go perfect with any of my cakes or cuppies. (Plus they taste delicious :)"


Bakeree by Eelynn

Hi everyone, my name is Eelynn and I am the baker behind Bakeree! I specialise in creating pastel theme floral cupcakes with a dash of shiny sprinkles on the top. My main inspiration in creating floral cupcakes stems from my love for flowers and dessert.To me, a cupcake without sprinkles is like a princess without her tiara therefore sprinkles are always a must! My go-to sprinkles is definitely PICNARTsugar, I adore their sprinkles’ quality and how they always go above & beyond to get my special sprinkle requests.


Cookies By Tash

Hi guys! I’m Tash!

The baker behind Cookies by Tash. I create custom cookies that not only taste amazing, but look great too. I’m all about attention to detail and to me, sprinkles add the perfect finishing touch to any set or design. I’ll always find what I need at PICNARTsugar  they have a huge range of colours and sizes and the speedy service ensures my last minute requests still meet my deadlines (thanks Irush!) x


Cakes By Angelica

Hi Cake lovers!
My name is Angelica and I am the cake decorator behind Cakes by Angelica.
My aim is making delicious baked goods look amazing! It’s all in the detail, and a little sprinkle here and there is the perfect way to finish of a cake and cupcakes. I love all PICNARTsugar sprinkles and you’ll always find the white sparkling sprinkle blend (obsessed) and vintage gold (also obsessed) metallics on majority of my creations!


Perth Cake Collective

I’m Ash, the baker behind Perth Cake Collective! I pride myself in being able to make any cake sent my way but my most popular products are definitely my floral & Macarons drip cakes, and more recently my retro text cakes. Only in the last year I’ve gone from adding sprinkles to just my cupcakes to now adding them to my cakes for texture. What a difference this has made to the overall look of my designs! Sprinkles are now that finishing touch that complete my cakes, especially since using PICNARTsugar’s products. There are so many pastel and gold options (my fave) and the service is exceptional!