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Sweet Treats and Supplies

In a modern world where urban development is prioritized, it is our duty as individuals to protect the environment and our mother earth. We gain so many resources, literally anything & everything from our environment to survive and thrive. We should be forever grateful and contribute as much as we can for the wellbeing of our planet earth.

Sustainability and PICNARTsugar™

Sustainability is an incredible concept officially introduced about 30 years ago which we believe, value, and apply to each and every process in PICNARTsugar. It implies health benefits and of course eco-friendliness.

Vegan sprinkle range - 80% of our sprinkles are Vegan. Designs will become non vegan when we use even the smallest quantity of non-vegan sprinkles in our blends.

Our full range of thin jimmies are Palm oil free. We source our high-quality products from manufactures who shares the similar values as us.


We deliver your packages carbon neutral. Australia Post keeps on developing strategies to reduce emission from their operations. This is one of the reasons why we have selected Australia Post as our service provider.

Did you know our bio degradable packing beans not only is degradable but can also be used for upcycling projects with kids. Dip one surface in water and stick them together to create the most wonderful craft.

It's an ongoing challenge to find the perfect sustainable material which will protect your items. Because we must deliver your sprinkles and edible images without water, sunlight or air damages and the ability of the items to be stored for a certain period. If it cannot be recycled it must be reused.

Our pretty little padded mailing bags are recyclable. If you don’t want to give it away to be recycled it can definitely be an amazing upcycling project and we would love to see them.

The smallest attempts will make a big impact to the environment.



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